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Grand Teton National Park 2010

Grand Teton Landscape Photography Workshop

Grand Teton National Park
Jackson WY
September 25 – October 1, 2010
(Sat 5:00 PM thru Friday at noon)
Instructor: Craig Tanner
Tuition: $1,295
Deposit: $300
Join Craig Tanner  in beautiful  Grand Teton National Park for 6 days of field shooting, image critique, and instruction in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom techniques. Craig has taught in the Tetons for a number of years and will take you to some of his favorite places to photograph.
We will photograph some of the Grand Teton’s classic locations in beautiful light, such as Schwabacher Landing, Mormon Barns, Oxbow Bend, as well as many other lesser known, yet still stunning locations. Presentations cover traditional topics such as exposure and composition, and digital darkroom techniques for post processing your images. In the field instruction and daily critique of work shot during the workshop using a digital projector are a major focus of the week. 
The general schedule for this workshop is shooting sessions in the early morning for sunrise and in the evening for sunset. There are classroom sessions for lecture and/or image critique during the day, as well as a lab for assistance with selection your images and with the use of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The schedule is flexible and dependent on weather. As the days are long, we plan to have one morning off in the middle of the week, and breaks during the day each dayof the workshop.  
You can read more about this beautiful national park here.
Cancellation policies and procedures:
**This workshop is now full.**   Please use our online wait list form to let us know if you would like to be placed on our waiting list.  Select the workshop in which you are interested in the drop down list to let us know that this is the workshop for which you want to be placed on the wait list.
"The workshop in the Tetons gave me an opportunity to focus upon my strengths and areas of opportunity by working with Craig and the others in the class who love photography.  The structure of the class creates an environment where you are not intimidated by what you do or do now know.  You want to share your work because you know the feedback will be positive and given with only one motive -- to make you the best possible photographer.  I would say my photography skills are at the beginner level but I truly enjoyed the workshop and am looking forward to taking another on in the near future"  -- Stennis S (Teton National Park workshop 2009)
“When I was trying to decide whether to go on the Tetons National Park workshop, I read what many people had written, such as “my life has been changed”…. Yeah right, I thought! There was no way I could have imagined how much my photography could be improved in a single week!   I can now count myself among those who say their life was changed after a single week on one of Craig Tanner’s workshop. I hope I can experience this feeling many more times.” -- Tom C. (Tetons National Park workshop 2007).

Additional Information

Getting There:
The closest commercial airport to Grand Teton National Park is in Jackson, Wyoming.   Another option is to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah and enjoy the beautiful drive up to Jackson. There are rental cars available at both airports. As the workshop date approaches, we will set up a private section on The Mindful Eye Community, available only to participants of this workshop, so that participants can contact to  arrange car sharing, and other information that you want to share.

The workshop is hosted at:
PO Box 38
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001

Physical location: 120 S. Flat Creek Dr.
Jackson Hole, Wyoming   83001
Phone: 307-733-3121
Toll Free: 800-962-4988
We have a block of cabins set aside for the class. The rate for the cabins are $105/night for single queen studio cabins and $138/night for deluxe studio cabins. For more information on the different cabins, please see the Cowboy Village Resort website. The release date for the cabins in our block is August 10, 2010.  
When you call for reservations, please tell them that you are with The Mindful Eye (Craig Tanner/Marti Jeffers) Photography Workshops, in order to get the special rate.
We have classroom meeting space at Cowboy Village Resort.
Park Entrance Fees:
Vehicle Entrance Fee: $25.00 for 7 Days
This permit allows all persons traveling with the permit holder in one single private, non-commercial vehicle (car/truck/van) to leave and re-enter the park as many times as they wish during the 7-day period from the date of purchase.  It is good for both the Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.
Please review their site for any changes on the entrance fees.
If you hold a National Parks Pass, the entrance fee is waived. Please visit the National Parks Passes page for more information.

**This workshop is now full.**   Please use our online wait list form to let us know if you would like to be placed on our waiting list.  Select the workshop in which you are interested in the drop down list to let us know that this is the workshop for which you want to be placed on the wait list.




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