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Spirit of Whidbey Island 2011 Photography Workshop (** FULL **)

Whidbey Island Photography Workshop

Spirit of Whidbey Island
This is a completed 2011 Workshop
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July 25 - 29, 2011
Monday at 9:AM - Friday at Sunset
Coupeville, Wa.
Instructor: Craig Tanner
Tuition: $775.00
Join Craig on one of America's most beautiful islands for an amazing smorgasbord of photographic subjects including stunning landscapes, architecture, gardens, and a day trip to beautiful Port Townsend, Wa.. The focus of this five day workshop is one on one instruction in the field followed by supportive review of the images created. Presentations will include but not be limited to, composition, seeing and creating the grand scale landscape photograph, photographing architecture, night photography, an introduction to infrared photography, creative techniques for macro photography, and a presentation on impromptu photography of people. Craig throws in some very helpful  Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom techniques throughout the week to round out the creative process.
The general schedule for this workshop consists of early morning shooting sessions,  followed by a lab where Craig is present to assist you with selection of your images for critique and help with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom digital darkroom techniques for post processing your images, then classroom presentations and image critique sessions, and evening shooting sessions finish the day. 
This workshop is administered by The Pacific Northwest Art School (PNAS).
Our meeting space for this workshop is a beautiful classroom located at the PNAS in Coupeville.
There are plenty of great accommodations very nearby the arts center.
For questions and to get more information about accommodations and / or to register for this workshop please contact the PNAS by visiting their web site here.
Testimonials from this Workshop
"Wow! I have never worked so hard, learned so much and had so much fun in the process of becoming a better photographer than I did at The Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop with Craig Tanner. This workshop strengthened my technical skiils and heightened my artistic and creative awareness. Craig's powerful presentations inspired, empowered and enlightened me to break through fears to open up to a whole new vision. I can't wait to sign up for another workshop and recommend Craig's workshops to everyone.
Kay K. 2011 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island
 "The Spirit of Whidbey Island was my second workshop with Craig and it  won't be my last.  I find once again that what I've taken home is more than a vacation, more than a new community of fine artistic friends, and more than an extra bucket of photographic tools.  It seems that when I commit to getting out of my own way for a few days, with the right guidance, my potential energy expands in leaps." Dave C. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island

"I recently took the 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island Workshop.  Craig is a gifted teacher - knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging, organized and down-to-earth.  There was a good mix of classroomwork and field work and any question was thoroughly answered.  His sense of humor kept the workshopflowing and his own commitment to photography and life was inspiring.  I now have a good foundation to take my photography to the next level." Gwen C. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey island Workshop

"Taking Craig's workshop was a constant challenge, not only of our stamina and photography skills, but also of my philosophy of life. Craig is an enthusiastic, dedicated teacher who earnestly wants to bring out the best in each participant, not only with the camera, but also with our belief in ourselves. It was a shock to realize how much negativity was impacting my work. That realization was an important outcome of taking his course. His comments on our work were always fair, and helpful.... never hurtful. Taking his course is the most important photography decision I've ever made.....I am very grateful to him." Irene G. 2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island 


"Craig is a very unique individual – 25% life coach, 25% philosopher, and 100% photography teacher. His workshops are not just about photography theory and technique, although there is plenty of that. The workshops are also about becoming a better and more creative photographer by becoming a more evolved and positive person.  I left Whidbey Island with a whole list of things I want to improve in photography technique and another whole list of things I want to work on in terms experiencing life in a more open and positive manner. Craig challenges his students, but no more than he challenges himself." Katie B.  2011 Spirit of Whidbey Island 












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