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Jekyll Island - 2012 - (Second Dates) Landscape Photography Workshop

Jekyll Island Landscape Photography Workshop

Jekyll Island  March 20th - March 25th, 2012
Light, Place and the Grand Scale Landscape
Jekyll Island, GA
Tuesday at 3:00 PM - Sun at 1:00P.M.
Instructor:  Craig Tanner
Tuition:  $1,095
Deposit: $300
Join us on one of America's most beautiful islands and one of Craig's all time favorite shooting locations for 5 days of photography of classic beachscapes, marshscapes and turn of the century architecture. The focus of this landscape-based workshop is in the field shooting with one on one instruction followed up by supportive image reviews.
The general schedule for this workshop consists of early morning shooting sessions, classroom presentations and image critique sessions, digital darkroom techniques for post processing your images, a lab where Craig is present to assist you with selection of your images for critique and help with Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, and evening shooting sessions. Presentations on this workshop will include but not be limited to foundation field techniques for shooting grand scale landscape scenics, composition and image design for the grand scale scenic landscape, portfolio creation, and Adobe Photoshop techniques relevant to the types of assignments we will have on the workshop. Most of Craig's teaching will come in the context of supportive image review of the assignments.
This workshop will include multiple shooting sessions at Driftwood Beach, the world famous tree strewn beach on the north end of Jekyll Island.  We will also visit and photograph the island's stunning marshes, maritime forests, and the art deco period architecture of the famous Jekyll Island Pier. In addition, we will photograph Jekyll Island's architectural wonderland - the Historic District of restored summer homes from the golden era of Jekyll Island when it was a playground for the wealthiest families in the country. We will photograph the beautiful summer cottages here once belonging to families with names like Rockefeller, Crane, Gould and Vanderbilit.  Faith Chapel, the church built on the island to serve the famous summer residents, contains a stained glass window made and personally installed by Louis Comfort Tiffany. A dramatic canopy of massive, moss covered live oak trees completes the magical atmosphere found in the island's historic district.
Craig knows the island extremely well. He has been shooting on Jekyll Island and teaching landscape based workshops here for almost twenty years. This will be the 18th workshop he has led on Jekyll Island.
One of the huge side benefits of holding this landscape based workshop on a small Island is the fact that drive times and hike times to our amazing shooting locations take less than a total of thirty minutes a day. On National Park workshops average daily drive times and hike times to locations are 3 and 1/2 hours.
The three travel hours we save per day on this workshop dramatically increases the value of the overall experience.
This workshop is recommended for all photographer's with skill level above beginner.
This workshop is limited to 12 participants to allow for maximum individual instruction for participants.
About Our Workshops
For more information about The Mindful Eye workshops, including general requirements and our cancellation policies and procedures , please read About Our Workshops.
To register for this workshop, please use our online contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let us know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.
Testimonials from the 2011 Jekyll Island Workshop

The Jekyll Island Workshop was my first workshop with Craig and it was absolutely amazing — even revelatory. I can say without any reservation whatsoever that it was the single best thing that I have ever done to advance my skills as photographer and artist. Craig’s passion for his art is matched by his passion for teaching. I learned so much, and not just about the technical aspects of capturing a great image. But also, and more importantly perhaps, about the creative process and how photography is not just about what is out there, but rather has much more to do with what is in your mind as a photographic artist — really inspirational stuff. I can recommend this workshop without reservation. I will most certainly be back for more workshops with Craig in the future. – Dayle G.    (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

This was my first workshop and it exceeded my expectations. Craig’s energy and dedication to providing individual attention to the participants was incredible. I also enjoyed the fact that in addition to the typical technical stuff, we spent a lot of time talking about why a photo worked or didn’t. Craig’s insights on composition, design and how we can use simple post processing to emphasize emotion and meaning we were very powerful. – Jim L.  (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

Craig’s workshops are a transformative and inspiring experience. Craig goes far beyond teaching mere technique – sharing universal lessons from his own successes and failures, explaining and applying the science of color and design to photography, creating a sharing community from a group a strangers so we all become teachers to each other, adapting insights to your personal situation and style, inspiring you to be your own source of creativity and inspiration. Only 4 1/2 days and you leave with ideas, tools and inspiration to last a long time. – Steve D.  (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

I was attracted to the workshop by way of listening to Craig’s Daily Critique. It became obvious to me right away that Craig possessed a deep photographic design understanding that I wanted to learn about. I am happy to report that the Jekyll Island Workshop experience exceeded my high expectations! Craig is a wonderfully friendly human being as well as an outstanding teacher. Craig’s passion for photography and teaching was clear throughout the 5 days. The workshop schedule was very nicely split between shooting, lab, critique, formal instruction and social time. I highly recommend the workshop to anyone wanting to advance their landscape photography skills.
Carl S.  (2011 Jekyll Island Workshop)

My eyes and my heart were very powerfully opened by the personable and fun style in which Craig chooses to teach. Critiques, which can be so painful to many (but are nonetheless a necessary component to advancing one’s level of work) were deftly delivered with an incredible knowledge base of photographic design and compositional expertise. Critiques were always tempered with a sincere component of consideration for each participant’s feelings and dignity. Come for the better part of a week and be prepared to work, learn and have fun and return home with knowledge and memories that will accelerate and carry your craft forward for a lifetime. – Steven N.  (2011 Jekyll Island)

The Jekyll Workshop allowed me to break down creative barriers and radically changed my methods for shooting landscapes. Craig’s approach to creativity has the ability to transform anyone’s personal style into one that goes beyond the ordinary. – Bill G.  (2011 Jekyll Island)

The Jekyll Island workshop is one which I highly recommend to anyone interested in improving their photographic skills. Craig is a wonderful teacher and just a great guy to boot. He was readily available at all times, and obviously very dedicated to making our experience not only informative but also enjoyable. I came away with numerous “pearls” which will help not only with my landscape shooting but with all my photographic endeavors. I look forward to taking another of Craig’s workshops in the near future, and in the meantime will continue to follow him regularly on The Mindful Eye. – Clem N.  (2011 Jekyll Island)

I walked away with a streamlined plan for what I want to do to become a better photographer. Art is a blend of technical ability with personal discipline, technique and dedication. Craig is a master at weaving his story into the technical instruction. His critiques were directed at improvement, not criticism. I’ll not hesitate to attend future sessions as I can. Thanks! – Vernon B.  (2011 Jekyll Island)

Additional Information
Getting There:
The closest commercial airports to Jekyll Island are in Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA.  Savannah is approximately  a 1.5 hour drive from Jekyll Island and Jacksonville is approximately a 1.0 hour drive. There are rental cars available at both airports. As the workshop date approaches, we will set up a private section on The Mindful Eye Community, available only to participants of this workshop, so that participants can contact to  arrange car sharing, and other information that you want to share.
You can read more about Jekyll Island, including driving directions from Savannah and from Jacksonville, along with  a downloadable map, here.   There is a $5.00 entry fee to the island.
The workshop will be hosted at the Hampton Inn and Suites.
This is a brand new property with wonderful lodging rooms and a beautiful meeting space.
The property itself is situated on a beautiful stretch of Jekyll's beach and is surrounded by a stunning maritime forest.
Click here to visit the the hotel web site.
200 S. Beachview Drive
Jekyll Island, GA 31527
Phone:  912.635.3733
Fax:  912.635.3738 
We have a block of rooms set aside for the class from Tuesday, 2/28/12 through Sunday, 3/4/12 at the rate of $99/night.  
Please make your reservations by February 10th, 2012.  After that date, any rooms remaining in our block will be released to the pool of rooms.   The hotel has a 5-day cancellation policy.  If you must cancel your reservations with five days of your arrival date, one night's lodging will be charged.

We have classroom meeting space at the Hampton Inn and Suites.
When you call for reservations, please tell them that you are with the The Mindful Eye's Jekyll Island Photography Workshops in order to get the special rate. 
To register for this workshop, please use our online contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let us know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.




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