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Street Portraiture- 2012 - People Photography Workshop

Street Portraiture - Savannah, Ga.

Street Portraiture  April 17th - 23rd, 2012 Savannah, Ga.
Tues 4:00 PM – Sun at 1:00 PM
Instructor: Craig Tanner
Tuition: $1,195
Deposit: $300
The Street Portraiture workshop starts with participants working in pairs to practice the basics of creating beautiful portraits. We start with the most important component of any photograph – seeing light. We have shooting sessions designed to help you see natural lighting patterns that work well for creating dynamic portraits. We guide you to see more and more subtleties in the qualities of natural light. We also help you to learn to recognize the kinds of street locations that offer these beautiful qualities of light.
While working in pairs we also examine and practice a variety of other techniques and skills that are important to portraiture including but not limited to - lens choice, creating dynamic camera positions and perspectives, simplifying and integrating the background into the overall design of your image, working with color theory to improve your portraits, building rapport with your portrait subject, creating a space where your portrait subject can be more emotive, and learning effective impromptu posing skills.
After we practice working in pairs we move on to becoming more confident approaching strangers. Craig will share his ideas about approach (developed over six years during the approach of hundreds and hundreds of “strangers”) which will include techniques for positively framing the shooting session and the effective use of both verbal language and body language communication to help you quickly connect in a positive way with the people you are approaching.
Still working in pairs - we go on to bring it all together – combining our new communication skills with our practiced portrait skills to create powerful portraits of the people we are just meeting on the street.
This workshop also includes powerful information about working with the Lensbaby as a tool for creating beautiful portraits. Loaner Lensbabies will be available throughout the workshop.
The setting for this workshop has a lot to do with why The Street Portraiture Workshop has been so successful. Not only is Savannah a stunningly beautiful city with a multitude of gorgeous settings for street portraits, Savannah is also an extremely people friendly and photographer friendly city. The Savannah College of Art and Design has 7000 students and a huge photography program. Locals and visitors are used to being approached by students with cameras.
That is combined that with the fact that The Mindful Eye Photography School has hosted close to 25 workshops in the city in the last four years where we have approached hundreds and hundreds of people who live in the city. We have established a powerful sense of community with many people who live in Savannah. We don’t think you will find a better, more supportive scenario for overcoming any fears you might have about street portraiture. We also know you will dramatically improve your skills in this most amazing niche of the world of photography.
This workshop consists of shooting sessions, classroom presentations and image critique sessions.
This workshop is limited to 10 participants to insure maximum individual instruction in both the field and classroom.
About Our Workshops
For more information about The Mindful Eye workshops, including general requirements and our cancellation policies and procedures , please read About Our Workshops.
To register for this workshop, please use our online contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let us know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.
Testimonials from the 2011 Street Portraiture Workshop

Perhaps the best testimonial I can give for the Street Portraiture Workshop is to share an excerpt of an email that I received after the workshop from someone that my shooting partner and I approached on the street as part of an assignment: “…You have no idea how much fun we had; we talked about it all day and on the way back to Virginia! It was a great experience! …can’t wait to hear from you!” Both my workshop partner and I were blown away by this reaction from someone we had just met. We are both introverts. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to us, we said. And yet it did happen. Why? Because we said “yes.” We gave ourselves permission to have an experience. Craig’s workshops are powerful stuff. He facilitates magic. – Eric H. (2011 Street Portraiture)

One of the most informative workshops I’ve attended. Craig helps you build practical photographic skills while challenging you to move beyond what’s merely familiar and comfortable creatively. It was a fantastic week. – Neal P.  (2011 Street Portraiture)

This workshop made me think, work, change and stretch both as a photographer and a person. I came home exhausted but elated at what I had experienced and excited by how I would put all into practice in my photography and in my life. – Yvonne R.  (2011 Street Portraiture)

My wife and I have taken a number of photography workshops over the years and enjoyed them all. One of the things that made Craig’s workshop stand out for me was his extra push in tackling a difficult task: approaching, connecting with, and photographing strangers on the street. I couldn’t have done it without his guidance and inspiration. He also did a great job in covering elements of composition. I’ve heard all the usual guidelines, but Craig went deeper into the more essential elements of design. I particularly enjoyed his discussions of light and color. I would happily enroll in another of his workshops. – Ron R.  (2011 Street Portraiture)

I have been taking informal portraits of family and friends with some trepidation, as I am fearful of poor results. Who wants to feel embarrassed when attempting to provide service to those that you love? I was hopeful that this workshop would give me confidence that I could perform under some self-induced pressure. Well, I got that, and much, much more. Yes, the workshop provides technical information and practice. Yes, the workshop provides opportunity to photograph other participants in ways to emphasize elements of design in composition. Yes, the workshop gave me more confidence in recognizing “good’ light, and how to position people to take advantage of it. But, more importantly, the workshop taught me that taking a photograph (and paying attention to) a person is a gift, and that many (most?) people appreciate, even love, being photographed. This has forever changed me. – Bob D.  (2011 Street Portraiture)

Do not hesitate to sign up for this workshop because you think that photographing strangers is a scary prospect. Craig excels at framing the experience of approaching strangers so that you feel encouraged and supported throughout. This was my second Mindful Eye workshop in Savannah, and it truly is the ideal place to do street portraiture. I am very grateful for the opportunities that I had to make meaningful connections with people over the course of the workshop. If you allow yourself to have this experience, you will be rewarded on a very personal level. – Erin M.  (2011 Street Portraiture)

Additional Information
Getting There:
The closest airport to Savannah is the Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV).  The airport is approximately 15 minutes from downtown Savannah.  There is taxi service and there are rental cars available at this airport. Taxi fare to the historic district where our hotel is located is approximately $25.00.
As the workshop date approaches, we will set up a private section on The Mindful Eye Community, available only to participants of this workshop, so that participants can contact to  arrange car sharing, and other information that you want to share.
We will only need enough cars to transport participants away from the city to shoot at one or two locations outside of the city, weather permitting.  For the rest of the time, all of our shooting locations are within walking distance of the hotel.  We do encourage the participants to share rental cars. As the workshop date approaches, we will set up a private section on The Mindful Eye Community, available only to participants of this workshop, so that participants can contact to  arrange car sharing, and other information that you want to share.
The Street Portraiture workshop is hosted at:
Inn at Ellis Square
201 West Bay Street
Savannah GA 31401
Toll Free:  877-542-7666
Hotel Switchboard:  912-236-4440
We have a block of rooms at $109/night, plus applicable taxes.  Parking in the hotel's covered garage is $10/day.   This is an excellent price for hotels in the historic district.  
When you call for reservations, please tell them that you are with the The Mindful Eye Group, the workshop name and dates.  Our set of rooms are blocked from two days before the workshop begins through two days after the workshop ends.  If you wish to extend your stay in beautiful Savannah, you can do that at our special rate.  Our contact person at the hotel is Linda Bell, senior sales manager.  If you encounter any problems, you may call her at 912-944-3286.
Please reserve your room by March 1st, 2012  After that date, the rooms will be returned to the hotel for general use and will not be subject to the special rate we've been given. 
There is free hi-speed internet throughout the hotel, a free deluxe continental breakfast each day, pool and fitness center, and Dominque's Lounge and Bar in the hotel.
Each room includes: Flat Screen TV,  coffee maker, in-room safe, iron and ironing board, lighted make-up mirror, hair dryer and a table and chair.
To register for this workshop, please use our online contact form and select Workshops in the choices for subject.  In the Message section, please let us know that it is this workshop in which you are interested.  




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