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General Site Questions


What does this site offer?

Please visit and read the entire contents of our "About Us" page.

Do I have to register on the site to have access to The Mindful Eye's content?

Yes, but registration is free.
All you need to do to register is give us a valid email address, your first name and the country you are from.
After that it is as simple as creating a username and password.
* Please be aware that usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

Can I download any of the content in the features section?

All articles have a printer friendly link and we encourage you to print them for your own use. Small parts of an article may be copied as a reference or link back to TME. Permission is required to reproduce our articles in their entirety for distribution and / or to host them on another site.

All of our video content is streaming only, with the exception of the Daily Critique, which is available as both a streaming feature and a high quality download. 

Why is it taking a while for the video to start?

Our video files are recorded for a large window with very little compression so that you enjoy a quality viewing experience. That means our video files are large. Our players are set up to load a small percentage of the movie in advance so the stream is uninterrupted. Start up time for the player and your viewing experience is directly effected by the speed of your connection. Dial up users will need to allow ample time for our video content to pre-load into the player.

How often are features updated?

Content on The Mindful Eye is updated almost everyday weekday. 

Where can I find the most recently posted content?

You can always see the three most recently posted articles or videos listed on our home page under Recent Content. Members can also click on The Source in the Members side bar that appears on each page once you are logged in. When you click on The Source scroll down past the alphabetical categories for all of the site content until you see a white line breaking the page horizontally. Below this line  you will find a list of content posts with the most recently posted content at the top of the list. 







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