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The Mindful Eye Content and Features

The Mindful Eye is pleased to present the following photography related content and features to our members. To enjoy any of our content and features,  you must be a member of The Mindful Eye.  To begin your free membership, please click here.
FOUNDATION CONCEPTS - Did you start out shooting with a digital camera and never had the time to learn about the basic concepts of photography?  Exposure, understanding your basic camera controls, lens choice, camera placement and understanding the fundamentals of natural light light are just some of the concepts that will be discussed here.
DAILY CRITIQUE (Photography Critique) - The Daily Critique is an ongoing class in the fundamentals of composition.  Come on in to hear our supportive review of your images and our "in a perfect world" suggestions for improvement - all done in the context of teaching the foundation concepts and language of the elements of visual design.
DIGITAL DARKROOM - So, what happens after the shutter clicks?  Your photograph isn't finished yet. Taking the picture is just a small part of the overall process of communicating effectively as a photographer.  Join us in the digital darkroom to see how various post-processing techniques can be used to make your images sing.
Workshop Spotlight WORKSHOP SPOTLIGHT - These videos showcase educational and inspiring images and great learning moments from the assignment images created by the participants of Craig's hands-on, location workshops. Join us here to get powerful tips and suggestions that can dramatically improve your work within a subject specific area of photography.
LIGHT DIARY - The Light Diary Vidcast series explores the how and why behind some of Craig's favorite images that he posts to his blog. In each Light Diary Vidcast Craig weaves a blend of technical and philosophical information telling the personal backstories of these images while sharing many powerful photography tips along the way.
FROM START TO FINISH - In this feature Craig Tanner chooses from among his favorite personal and commercial images and then walks you through the entire process of creation including everything from conceptualizing the image, location scouting, equipment choices and field techniques, image selection and post-processing.
ART OF LIGHTING - Join us here to de-mystify the art of lighting, where we show you how to use your flash unit, studio strobes and all other kinds of artificial light sources to greatly enhance your images in the studio and on location – whether you are shooting portraits, still life, architecture, or images of nature.
NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY - The sun has set and the light is fading. Night Photographers know this is just when things start to get interesting. Join us here for tutorials and articles that cover the full gamut of night photography possibilities from helpful equipment tips to technical considerations like calculating exposure and managing noise to working with the endless qualities of light that illuminate the dark at night.
EQUIPMENT - Overwhelmed by technical reviews of camera bodies, lenses, and other photography equipment?  Wondering if you even need all this stuff?   Come in and check out some of the latest offerings in equipment as well as some items that have been around for a while. In a no nonsense way we tell you what equipment we like and how to use it to expand your photographic possibilties.
ASSIGNMENTS - Looking to be more productive and creative as a photographic artist? Look no further then the inspiration of TME community assignments. Every two weeks we launch a new assignment and we create a thread on our community for sharing the results of your work and giving and receiving assignment feedback and encouragement. We also showcase top images submitted from each assignment in a Photo of the Week video and in an exclusive assignment gallery.
INSPIRATION - Feeling uninspired with your photography?  Feeling stuck in a rut?  Need a boost to bring back the passion?  Join us in this section to see inspiring photographer portfolios, workshop portfolios, tutorials and articles that encourage and support you in consider new ways of thinking and new ways of seeing the world around you.
OLDIES BUT GOODIES - Missing some of the older featured content?  Longing to revisit a tutorial or video from days gone by?  Did you miss one that discussed a concept you wanted to see?  Here you will find a selection of our favorite oldies that we brought back to share with you.
PODCASTS - Want to grab it and go?  Or, just sit in your cozy space and listen?  In this section, you will find podcasts covering various topics related to photography, creativity, your approach to art and -- sometimes -- to life.  So, curl up with a good podcast, or load it onto your iPod and hit the road.





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