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Image Submissions

The Mindful Eye accepts submissions for the Daily Critique, Inspiration Image Showcase and Photo of the Week.  Listed below is a brief description of each feature as well as a link to the corresponding form online.  
PLEASE NOTE:  You MUST be a member of TMELive in order to view the submission forms below as well as to submit your image to us.  Membership is free! 

DAILY CRITIQUE -  The Daily Critque is an ongoing class in the fundamentals of composition and design theory. Submit single images here to receive a supportive and constructive image review in the context of discussing the elements of visual design.  Submit your photo here (opens in a new window).
PHOTO OF THE WEEK -  Each week the contributors of The Mindful Eye will choose one image submitted in this category to be featured as the Photo of the Week. The Photo of the Week will be displayed for one full week (starting on Friday) on The Mindful Eye's home page. The Photo of the Week will also be featured on the Friday Daily Critique where we will share the metadata and backstory of the image and descibe why it was chosen. Submit your best work one image at a time.  Submit your photo here (opens in a new window).
INSPIRATION IMAGE SHOWCASE - These videos will feature inspiring collections/portfolios of images. Submit portfolios of images (a minimum of eight and a maximum of twelve total images) that are conceptually cohesive and represent your best work.  Submit your photo here (opens in a new window).





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TME Community Assignment
Community Assignment #53
 Picture Window
Due Date: September 16, 2011

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