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Members of The Mindful Eye ( have access to video tutorials via online streaming as well as the ability to download The Daily Critique.  Since you are not yet a member, we created this page for you to be able to view a couple of our features in their full length version.

Our video tutorials are streamed in a very large window and the player itself works across all platforms and browsers without the need for any additional software.  You'll also be able to view any of the comments associated with these features by clicking on the appropriate link or by visiting our Community link off the menu bar at the top of this page. 

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"Jan from Washington" by Craig Tanner

In this Daily Critique Craig talks about how quality of light, expression and gesture are the most important things in portraiture. Craig also discuses taking a good shot and making it even better by simplifying and crystallizing the main message. Craig discusses how bright versus dark, contrast versus low contrast, warm color versus cool color, sharp versus out of focus, saturated versus desaturated, and static or balanced versus dynamic are all concepts that can be used to accentuate our main ideas as photographers.


  "River Songs" by Craig Tanner

In this Light Diary Vidcast the theme is “River Songs” and Craig discusses the thought process that led to the creation of a series of vertical river scenics of the Virgin River in Zion National Park. Craig talks about the endless qualities of reflected light that make Zion such an amazing place to shoot. Craig discusses the idea of previsualization, both in the context of movement in the water and in the context of finding foregrounds for the super wide angle lens and how those previsualizations figure into his river scenic landscapes. Craig discusses the creative use of shutter speed and implied motion for river scenics. Craig also discusses the technique of handheld digital sketching to feel his way to potential shots. Craig talks about the visual design motifs of dynamic balance and rhythm. Finally, Craig shows the digital recorder he used to record the 30 second sound clips of the river soundscapes that accompanied these shots as they were posted to Light Diary.




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