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Our photographs have been published in the Wallstreet Journal as well as many other major publications and have been honored with numerous awards including the United Press Award and the prestigious Emmy.


Our work has always been characterized by a distinctive sense of artistic value with our subjects and a remarkable glimpsing of private, even secret, scenes or startlingly exposed psychological states not often caught on camera.


Our pictures tell the compelling stories of the people who live year-round in towns beyond tourist maps, where women in hair nets sift hundreds of blueberries in Washington County, while men and women of faith pray fervently at a tent revival in Lubec.


Our creativity and explorations of places and the people who inhabit them are not restricted to the U.S. alone. Atmospheric and evocative, his photographs of Venice, Italy convey a surprising new aspect of the romanticism associated with city.

A fresh contemporary blend of photojournalistic & traditional photography.

Do you have a passion for photography, but are sometimes disappointed with your pictures? There are countless photography books and websites, but most of them don’t really help you improve your photography.

My passion is for Nature Photography, however I do specialize in Wedding, Makeover & Fashion Shots, Portrait, Family Photographs, Graduation Portrait etc.

  • TME Studio has this unique ability to take an idea and make it better. They are so easy to work with and you get so many great shots, it's fun to pick 'the one. Their high standards will ensure a lifetime of memories for me and our family.
    Torrance Bernier
    Stroman Okuneva
  • TME Studio's photographers are still as excited looking through the lens as they were when they first opened studio. With their photographs, they love to tell a story, whether through a single image for advertising or a complete editorial layout.
    Delpha Ward
    Bartell Kohler
  • TME Studio teams are 'photographer's photographer'. Not only photographed hurricanes & glaciers, their interests, concerns and passions revolve around how we make pictures, and how we involve ourselves in the whole Portrait and Wedding experience.
    Susanna Erdman
    Tromp and Sons

Want To Become Professional?

Do you wish to venture into nature photography, but are disappointed with your pictures? My name is Brennan Frami, and I had the same problem when I started taking nature pictures. My passion for nature photography was bordering on obsession (it still is). Yet, I struggled to get professional quality photos. I learned the hard way as I went along. Now I have created this website to help my fellow nature photographers. To make YOUR life easier!

I can help you become the nature photographer you know you can be. It will enable you to get those “winning shots” more often. You will experience the joy of being successful at what you love most, all the time.

And who knows, maybe you can one day become a full-time professional nature photographer like me. Trust me, it is well worth the effort..

Learn How Can We Help?

I provide detailed information on the main fields of nature photography, including why, where, how and what. You’ll also learn how to select and buy quality nature photography equipment.

Most parts of the year, I live in South Africa and absolutely love Africa and its wildlife. I have a whole section of portfolio promoting Southern Africa.

I cover the options you have for visiting Southern Africa on a safari, should you wish to visit this nature photography heaven. I also tell you all you need to know on how to take award-winning nature pictures while on safari.

On my Photo Safaris website, I tell you all you need to know if you are planning to visit Africa on a Photo Safari.

I also give more information on the African Photography Safari section of this website.

I have a Nature Pictures section on the site showcasing some of my favourite pictures. I hope that when you look at these pictures you will feel inspired. Inspired to follow your dream, inspired to help preserve nature, inspired to join me in my quest to promote Africa and the science of natural history photography.

I sincerely hope that your visit to my site is a pleasant and useful experience that will empower you as a nature photographer. Feel free to follow one of the links below to the main sections of this website…

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