Strapless strapons and why they are my favorite toy!

Strapless strapons, while it sounds oxymoronic, are definitely not a moronic choice. Instead, it’s killing two birds with one stone. While most strapon dildos are pleasurable for only one of the partners, a strapless dildo takes things to the next level. A very versatile choice for both a solo act or one with your partner. Strapless strapons from this website have a range of utility that is unmatched by any toy available. It is an excellent option for lesbian or pegging couples and, of course, couples into BDSM.


How does it strap on without a strap?


The most common design for a strapless dildo is a bulb-like protrusion that goes inside the vagina of the wearer and a typical dildo attached to it to penetrate your partner. The bulb-like extension is designed to stimulate the g-spot of the person wearing it. There are often doubts about whether or not the strapless dildo will stay in place. However, it does take an extra effort from the person wearing it to keep it in place. Still, from user experience, it has been noted that even if it tends to slip out for some when they put it in, it stays in place during the actual act as the dildo part gets support from the partner’s crevice.


But, if you are still worried about it staying in place or the insertion piece for the wearer being uncomfortable, you can always get an inflatable one; a tad expensive, but it inflates inside the wearer for a perfect fit, allowing you to rock it into the orgasm concert without a worry in the world.


But why the extra effort?


  • More Skin to skin contact: Strap-ons have a lot of material to keep them in place, and while they manage to keep the dildo in place, they seem more artificial, and there’s lesser skin-to-skin contact. For lesbian couples, the strapless strapons have proven to be a boon. The added excitement of near natural experience is worth exercising the kegel muscles.


  • Two-way stimulation: Many strapless dildos now available at adult toy stores come with small protrusions that rest on your clitoris or pelvic muscle, giving extra support and pleasure. The thrusting act not only please your partner but also stimulates your G-spots, making the experience much more heavenly and an added pleasure to thrust more. With the strap-on dildos, it can get quite monotonous when the only person getting truly physical pleasure is your partner, except, of course, in the case of BDSM. But why not throw in an added treat for your g-spots while you pleasure your dominance?


  • Range of features: The strapless strap-ons currently available in adult toy stores come with a range of features. It has become a common practice to combine two or three technologies for the ultimate climax. While the strapless dildo already combines two of them, many now come with a clitoral stimulator. There are also some available vibrators in both insertion parts. Ridges on the dildo is another thing that gets you there when thrusting through Pleasure-o-Rama. Flexibility to suit all body types has become the primary for many sex toys and strapless strap-ons too. The adjustability also helps practice various positions in sex which may call for a lot of flexibility for both the partner and the dildo.


  • For solo fun: As mentioned before, this toy has a range of utility; while specifically made to stimulate both of them, the dildo can be easily used to pleasure oneself when your partner is not in the mood. The toy is fully capable of bringing you toe-curling orgasms with or without your partner.


Things to keep in mind:


Since the toys are insertable, it’s a good idea to be wary of the material used, or one can always use latex or latex-free condoms for a safer experience in case of skin irritation. One must keep a lot of lubricant at their disposal as most such toys drain your vaginal fluids and disrupt the orgasmic ride. It’s a good idea to understand your vagina before buying a strapless strap-on; some of these come with long shafts for the wearer, which might get uncomfortable, so choosing the right size and shape becomes paramount for an all-rounder experience. Thrusting may not come very naturally to many users, so if it’s your first time, maybe practice withholding the strapless dildo in place with a scarf or something until you get the hang of penetrating your partner.




Strapless strap-ons are a great way to go for pegging or lesbian couples alike. It ensures a climax for both the partners without much fuss of straps and tying. They outperform strap-on dildos in all aspects and make for more adventurous and spontaneous sex for both the one penetrating and the one being penetrated. So strap off and fuck your way to an amazing climax!


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