Be honest,
o the pictures you take ever embarrass you?
They don’t have to!

You see great nature photography everywhere. You envy the guys and gals who seem to take perfect photographs every time they pick up a camera.

Here’s your chance to learn how to do exactly the same. Take advantage NOW of your opportunity to learn from somebody who’s ‘been there, done that’ for over 30 years!

People call me ‘photographer’s photographer’. My interests, concerns and passions revolve around how we make pictures, and how we involve ourselves in the whole Portrait and Wedding experience. After being thrown into digital capture three years ago, I have embraced the process wholeheartedly. I bring to it much of the ‘film’ mentality we are all familiar with. As I say “My biggest desire is to ‘de-bulls***-ify digital’ – get us away from the nonsense, and back to using this fabulous tool – simply”. Simple is an approach I embraces for all procedures. “It’s not about quoting pixel counts anymore than film is about grain size. It’s about the image.” I see a return to the self-sufficient studio, only with no boundaries as to the products we can now produce. Drawing influences from over twenty years involved in all sides of the industry, my approach is based on making the simplest of images special. Placing people casually, working quickly and efficiently, enhancing the photographer’s position within the wedding by simple acts of random kindness.

A fresh contemporary blend of photojournalistic & traditional photography…

Jarod Kemmer and his wife Sarina Upton opened TMELive 15 years ago in historic Novellaland. The studio conducts regular and highly popular photography classes, workshops, and digital darkroom classes. Jarod and Sarina Upton have already won four international accolades of excellence for their portrait and wedding photography. They have also judged several photography competitions.

Jarod’s love of photography dates back to grade school when he developed and printed his own black and white prints in a home darkroom. He later graduated to color darkroom work and moved from a second-hand Kodak Brownie instamatic to an Agfa SLR while living in England.

Jarod was the team photographer for a number of National Speleological Society Caving Expeditions lasting up to a week underground and presenting the most difficult challenges for a photographer. He also obtained his first Nikon camera and accumulated an extensive collection of lenses and lights for every photographic situation.

Later his photographic work expanded to scientific photography including ultra thin slicing of geological specimens for publication. The most notable was the publication of microscopic algae specimens that are approximately 2 billion years old. He also published early images of cardiac ultrasound images revealing the heart in a new modality.

Jarod has photographed and produced a number of underwater presentations and also taught underwater photography and wreck diving to scuba divers.

Jarod has studied with a number of leading photographers including Walker Grady, Garth King and Sidney Doyle innovators in underwater photography, Nikko Anderson romantic wedding photography, Raymond Williamson family portraits, Rosendo Ferry from Australia contemporary wedding photography, Pablo Moen high school senior photography, and Alphonso Corkery at the National Gallery of Art Recent work includes workshops with Napoleon McKenzie and Julien Ernser. All are acclaimed photographers in their fields and Jarod recently won an Emmy for his Adobe Photoshop work in the PBS special “Vermeer, Buckridge Inc”

Jarod says he has graduated from photography in the most difficult environments, to the most challenging subjects; Portraits of people and their pets. Their equipment is based on a large format digital Hasselblad system and creative lighting.

Jarod and Sarina Upton reside in a quaint Victorian house dating back to 1889. It’s an easy walk from their home to TTMELive where they conduct photography sessions by appointment.