I’ve learned a ton of neat stuff over the years and feel I have something worthwhile to pass on to folks who simply want to be able to take good snapshots without a whole lot of hassle.

Our 3 Point Focus


Our work has always been characterized by a distinctive sense of artistic value with our subjects and a remarkable glimpsing of private, even secret, scenes or startlingly exposed psychological states not often caught on camera.


Our pictures tell the compelling stories of the people who live year-round in towns beyond tourist maps, where women in hair nets sift hundreds of blueberries in Washington County, while men and women of faith pray fervently at a tent revival in Lubec.


Our creativity and explorations of places and the people who inhabit them are not restricted to the U.S. alone. Atmospheric and evocative, his photographs of Venice, Italy convey a surprising new aspect of the romanticism associated with city.

My Partner – Sarina Upton

She represents an important part of the creative energy you can find at TMELive Studio. In her role as artistic director she coordinates backgrounds, costumes and lighting ideas to create a unique portrait for each client. TMELive’s Digital Darkroom skills rival those of any Fashion Magazine allowing customers to benefit from the best digital botox, liposuction and other beauty enhancing touch-ups for photographs.

TMELive’s coffee table album designs are the best illustrations of editorial wedding photography available. There is great demand for her artistic photographic collages and painterly photographs in particular by seniors and pet owners want a unique piece of art. Her background in the arts can be traced to her family atelier that creates oil paintings sold in the best European art galleries and frequently featured on German television.

Sarina helps with instruction at TMELive workshops and classes. She has trained with Walker Grady, from the National Gallery of Art, Garth King and Sidney Doyle amongst famous Adobe Photoshop artists.

Service Areas

We have 15 years experience in photo journalism. This includes story’s and photos for several large magazines and news papers.

Our services include but are not limited to: Nature Photography, Wedding Photography, Wedding Videography, portraits, senior portraits, family, pets, vehicles, photo restoration and retouching, slide and negative scanning, sports, events and individual photography instruction.

Our goal is to offer you, the customer, the best possible photographs at a reasonable, affordable price.

A good part of my career has been spent showing clients and friends alike how take better pictures and I still do it today. This is where the website idea comes from.

Collection of my Favourite
Nature Pictures

Welcome to my TMELive Pictures, a library of some of my favourite pictures. I do not sell my pictures from this website. That is not why they are showcased here. If you do want to buy pictures, You should visit our studio or send us an email.

How My Pictures Are Different…

Inspiration! That is what I would like to achieve with these photos. The whole aim of this website is to assist my fellow nature photographers as far as I can, and what better way to get them motivated for award winning nature photography than a selection of my own work on display! I hope my work is good enough to achieve that aim 😉

I further want to inspire fellow nature photographers and other visitors to follow their dreams, to conserve nature, to promote Africa and to promote nature photography as a pastime!

I will give a brief description of each photograph below the frame, including where it was taken. The pictures are further subdivided.

  • TME Studio has this unique ability to take an idea and make it better. They are so easy to work with and you get so many great shots, it's fun to pick 'the one. Their high standards will ensure a lifetime of memories for me and our family.
    Torrance Bernier
    Stroman Okuneva
  • TME Studio's photographers are still as excited looking through the lens as they were when they first opened studio. With their photographs, they love to tell a story, whether through a single image for advertising or a complete editorial layout.
    Delpha Ward
    Bartell Kohler
  • TME Studio teams are 'photographer's photographer'. Not only photographed hurricanes & glaciers, their interests, concerns and passions revolve around how we make pictures, and how we involve ourselves in the whole Portrait and Wedding experience.
    Susanna Erdman
    Tromp and Sons